Back Off Science

Starting out

Posted in Starting up by backoffscience on August 25, 2009

There is an unnecessary cultural war taking place between science and life. Both sides can happily co-exist if science just accepts that it cannot explain language and narrative-based culture realizes it exists without scientific support. All that is needed, is for everyone to accept that not everything can be explained. Narrative can only be described. And narrative is everywhere.

Obviously we’re a long way from those sentences making any sense at the moment. What, for example, do i mean by narrative? What do i mean by science. Fear not, all will become clear.

I’m not hopeful that this blog will go well, as the subject is by necessity a bit abstract, but if you don’t put your back against the ocean liner of culture, you might as well give in.

I’m not writing this under a pseudonym, i’m just not giving you my name at the moment. I hope that’s ok.


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